esteven (esteven) wrote in hms_surprise,

Reviving Surprise

As there never can be enough of the dear frigate who will never be old, I looked up the wiki entry for Surprise (replica ship) and was delighted to find a link there to
Reviving Surprise about the Reconfiguration of 'HMS' Rose into 'HMS' Surprise for Her Role in 'Master and Commander', and Restoring her Certification as presented to the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, San Diego Section on October 16, 2007
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Oooh. Thanks for the links!

(I have the OK to go and visit her next year, huzzah)
You know you will have to take a superb camera with an equally superb zoom and loads of memory cards, don't you? :D Please give my undying thanks to your partner. Whenever she likes some more Schweinsöhrchen, just let me know
Umm... I have a really crappy camera and usually forget to take any photos at all *g* Is there anything in particular you want a picture of?
Oh, how you are pulling my leg until it plays Spanish Ladies ;D

Obviously I would like kazillions of photos of the dear little frigate who is so not old. She is moored at the Maritime Museum San Diego and sometimes listens to the name of Surprise
Not really kidding, no. Have you seen my usual holiday photos? I forget to take any, and CJ takes mountain - cloud - mountain - mountain - blurred close-up of interesting plant I point out - mountain - sunset - mountain. However, if we do get to see dear old Movie!Surprise I will be sure to take a pic to prove it :-)
However, if we do get to see dear old Movie!Surprise I will be sure to take a pic to prove it :-)
*g* Not ONE but KAZILLIONS :D Shall I start sending memory cards for your camera?
Oh, it's almost a year off. Who knows what may happen by then - I do not mean to get my hopes up too much, just in case.
Oh, then I will hope for you. :D