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Celebrity Mastermind

Last night's Celebrity Mastermind had Michael Buerk answering questions on 'the Aubrey-Maturin novels of Patrick O'Brian' - it's on iPlayer (starting from about 07:00), but if you can't see that, the questions and possibly-invisible answers are below.

What's the title of the first of the Aubrey and Maturin novels? (The story opens at the beginning of the 19th century during the Napoleonic wars.)
Master and Commander

Aubrey's first command is a 14-gun sloop; what's her name?

In which port does Jack Aubrey first meet Stephen Maturin and persuade him to become his ship's surgeon?
Port Mahon

Which credulous, mean-spirited but ultimately loyal man serves as Aubrey's steward throughout the books?
Preserved Killick

What name do the sailors of HMS Surprise give to the severed hand that Amos Jacob brings on board and which they think brings them good luck?
Hand of Glory (MB passed)

What is the name of Jack Aubrey's illegitimate son who first appears in The Reverse of the Medal?
Samuel Panda

In The Wine Dark Sea, in which country does Stephen Maturin, on one of his missions for naval intelligence, encourage the movement for independence from Spain?
Peru (MB said Chile)

In The Thirteen Gun Salute, in which ship does Jack Aubrey run aground on an uncharted reef while en route to Batavia in Java?

While in Australia, Maturin is keen to see a particular animal but is poisoned by one when he observes its courtship ritual. What's the animal?
A duck-billed platypus

In HMS Surprise, whom does Maturin kill in a duel in Calcutta over Diana Villiers? (Maturin himself is wounded in the ribs and chest but survives.)
Richard Canning

Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin have very little in common apart from a shared love of classical music. When they play duets together, what instrument does Stephen generally play?

The title of one of the novels is a name used for a post captain who is retired and promoted at the same time without having commanded a squadron. What's the book title?
The Yellow Admiral

In The Surgeon's Mate, what's the name of the large diamond owned by Diana Villiers?
Blue Peter

What nickname does Jack Aubrey have in addition to Goldilocks, thanks to his frequent successes in capturing enemy shipping?
Lucky Jack Aubrey

In The Far Side of the World, Aubrey discovers several mutineers from which British ship serving on the American frigate the Norfolk?

What's the name of the American agent sentenced to deportation to New South Wales who's allowed to escape in an American whaler that arrives off Desolation Island?
Mrs Wogan (MB said Dutourd)

In The Wine Dark Sea, what event severely damages the American privateer Franklin; she's then easily captured by Aubrey's ship Surprise?
An underwater volcanic eruption (MB said typhoon)

What's the name of the governor of Java (I've started so I'll finish) who presents a 20-gun Dutch ship to Aubrey, who renames it Nutmeg of Consolation?
(Sir) Stamford Raffles
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